Set G.722 Codec ZIP 5X Phones

This article details the process for manually enabling the G.722 codec on the Zultys ZIP 5X phones.

Locate IP Address / Log In to Phone

There is no way to enable the HD G.722 codec on the ZIP 5X phones via the device profile. This must be done from the phone web UI on each phone.

First verify the IP address of the phone:

1. Options key > Phone Status

2. IP&MAC Addresses

Navigate to that IP address via a web browser on your PC.

When prompted enter the following credentials:

user: admin

password: 22222

Once you log in click the 'Global SIP' link on the left.


Set Codec Priority

Scroll down to the 'Codec Preference List'

Set your codec priority as the image above shows.

Click the 'Save Settings' button at the bottom of the page.

Restart the phone

Scroll back up and click the 'Reset' button on the left.

Click 'Restart'

Your phone will now use G.722 on extension to extension calls with compatible devices that are properly configured to use G.722.

Version Information

V. 1.0

Published 4/29/2014


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