ZIP 37G Custom Phone Logo

This article describes the process for preparing a custom logo file for use on the Zultys ZIP 37G phones.

Upload the logo file to the TFTP server

This guide does not cover the creation of your custom logo image. The ZIP 37G supports brilliant color 480x272 .png images.

1. Open MX Admin

2. Go to 'Configure' > 'Devices'  click the 'TFTP Settings' button.

3. Using the tree on the left locate your custom logo file on your local PC.

4. Click the logo file to select it and click 'Copy to TFTP'.

5. Click 'Close'. Your file is now on the TFTP server.

Upload 37g Configuration file to the TFTP Server

The zip37g_common.cfg file must be loaded to the root of the TFTP directory of the MX. Create a file named zip37g_common.cfg and upload that to the TFTP server using the above steps.

In the sample file below change the image file name highlighted in yellow to be the proper file name

Sample File:


#Select theme, 0-Blue 1-Green 2-Purple 3-Black
phone_setting.theme = 0
#Configure the access URL of the Wallpaper. Port must be 8080 to access MX TFTPServer
wallpaper_upload.url =
#Configure the phone background. Specify the file name defined in wallpaper_upload.url 
phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:ZIP37G.png
#inactivity dimmer. 0 = turn display off 1 = low
phone_setting.inactive_backlight_level = 1
#back light time until inactivity dimmer kicks in 1= Always 60 = 1 min120 = 2min 300 = 5 min 600 = 10 min 1800 = 30 min
phone_setting.backlight_time = 120

 If HTTP port 8080 is blocked you can also change the 'wallpaper_upload.url' to be t

Apply your profile to the phone

The last thing you will need to do in order to see your logo displayed on your phone is to assign your phone profile to your device.

1. Open MX Admin

2. Go to 'Configure' > 'Devices'

3. Select one of your ZIP 37G devices from the list and double click it to edit.

4. Click the 'Profile' dropdown to select the appropriate profile.

4. Click 'OK' and click 'Apply' to save your changes.

Version Information

V. 1.1

Published: 10/8/2014


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