Set G.722 Codec for Internal Calls

This guide details the process for setting the High Definition Voice codec for internal calls on the Zultys MX 250

Allow for G.722 Codec

First you will log into MX Admin and go to the 'Provision' menu and choose 'Codecs'.

For both 'Within the same location use' and 'Between locations use' you will choose 'Don't care'. This will allow two devices to negotiate between each other. If you say for eample have 'Voice Quality' chosen then the MX will force the conversation to be G.711 instead of allowing the phones to offer up G.722.

You WILL need to reboot the MX once this setting is changed.

Device profile changes

1. Select 'Devices' from the 'Configure' dropdown menu from wihthin MX Admin

2. In the Managed Devices window select the 'Profiles' button.

Duplicate existing profile

In the Device Profiles window right click on one of your device profiles that is currently in use and choose 'Duplicate'

Assign allowed codecs to phone

1. Rename your new profile appropriately.

2. Choose the 'Audio & RTP' tab.

3. In the 'Codecs' list uncheck the 'Do not use' box next to G722.

3. Use the arrows to set the codecs as you see in the image above.

4. Click 'Ok' and then click 'Apply'.

Choose phone to assign profile to

Back at the Managed Devices window locate a device you want to test with. Right click that device and choose 'Edit'

Assing test profile to phone

1. Change the Profile to the test profile you created.

2. Reboot the device to pick up the profile/codec changes.

3. Place test calls to verify the device is working as expected.

4. Once you have verified the device is working properly you can edit the codec settings for the device profile you duplicated from and reboot all of the devices using that profile.


You will want to create a test profile for each model of device to first verify that the new settings work properly for each model.


Version Information

V. 1.0

Published 4/7/2014


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