ZIP 35i Custom Phone Logo

This article describes the process for preparing a custom logo file for use on the Zultys ZIP 35i phones.

Prepare and convert your image file

You will first need to prepare your logo by saving it as a 132 x 26 pixel greyscale GIF image. Once you have your logo file saved in this format follow the instructions below to convert the image to the .dob format.

1. Download the .dob converter here:

2. Extract the .dob converter to your desktop, open the extracted folder and launch PictureExDemo.exe

3. Click 'Add' to locate your .gif logo file and click 'Open' once you have found your logo file.

4. Click the 'Convert' button and then navigate to the 'adv' folder inside of your DOB Converter folder. You will see your converted .dob file there.


Upload the logo file to the TFTP server

1. Open MX Admin

2. Go to 'Configure' > 'Devices'  click the 'TFTP Settings' button.

3. Using the tree on the left locate your custom logo file on your local PC.

4. Click the logo file to select it and click 'Copy to TFTP'.

5. Click 'Close'. Your file is now on the TFTP server.

Add custom configuration data to the phone profile

You will now need to add custom configuration data to the phone profile to tell the phone to download the logo file and use as the background.

1. Open MX Admin

2. Go to 'Configure' > 'Devices'  and click the 'Profiles' button.

3. Choose one of your ZIP 35i profiles on the left.

4. Click the 'Advanced' tab

5. Click into the dropdown box and choose 'Custom configuration data'.

6. Modify the code below to suit your environment and paste into the text area below the dropdown as seen above.

7. Click 'Ok' and then click 'Apply' to save your changes.

[ bin:/phone/config/Pics/logo.dob,reboot=0 ]

url = http://[MX_IP_Address]:8080/tftpphone/[logo_filename.dob]

[ cfg:/phone/config/user.ini,reboot=0 ]

Features.LCD_Logo = 2


Apply your profile to the phone

The last thing you will need to do in order to see your logo displayed on your phone is to assign your phone profile to your device.

1. Open MX Admin

2. Go to 'Configure' > 'Devices'

3. Select one of your ZIP 35i devices from the list and double click it to edit.

4. Click the 'Profile' dropdown to select the appropriate profile.

4. Click 'OK' and click 'Apply' to save your changes.

Version Information

V. 1.0

Published: 3/31/2014


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