Active Directory / LDAP Integration Administrator Manual

Active Directory / LDAP Integration Administrator Manual

Issue ID 10079
Category: New Features
Title Ability to authenticate MXIE login using an Active Directory / LDAP database (Licensed option)
Subsystem: MX Administrator

The AD/LDAP Authentication feature allows the MXIE Username and Login Password to be authenticated against an external AD/LDAP database. This allows users to log into MXIE using their normal Windows/Domain password. When AD/LDAP authentication is enabled for a user, the MXIE login is authenticated against AD/LDAP, voicemail access from a phone is authenticated based on a separate PIN defined in the MX user record. 
When AD/LDAP authentication is disabled the 'Password' setting in the user record defines the password used for MXIE and the PIN defines the voicemail password.

Usage: In MX Administrator application select 'Provision | System Settings - LDAP Configuration' and configure AD/LDAP server parameters. Open each User Record requiring AD/LDAP Authentication and check the 'Use LDAP Authentication' option. Press OK and Apply changes. Upon next MXIE login the user's credentials will be authenticated against AD/LDAP. Status of connection between MX and the AD/LDAP server may be checked via the 'View | System Services - LDAP' screen.
Note: The MX system must have an 'LDAP' license installed to utilize this feature.


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