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Updated: January 14, 2014


  1. I.                    SUPPORT DETAILS & COVERAGE HOURS:


  1. Remote Helpdesk and Service Provider Management of Client’s managed phone system will be provided to the Client by Service Provider through telephonic, email and remote means during the following Coverage Windows:


Coverage Window

Hours of Operation

Business Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, in the time zone where the majority of users/DID’s, which are the object of this Agreement, are located (excludes public holidays)

Outside Business Hours

All hours not within Business hours coverage, as defined above.


  1. System and related Network Monitoring Services shall be provided at the data center 24/7/365.


  1. Unless otherwise provided in Section 5 below, Service Provider shall respond to Client’s Support Tickets under the provisions herein, and with commercially reasonable efforts after hours or on holidays. Trouble Tickets must be opened by Client’s designated primary or backup I.T. Contact Person, either via email (preferred), telephone or online trouble ticketing portal.


Email: (Please do NOT email or CC individual employee addresses)

Monitored 24 hours/7 days a week


                        Phone: Denver, Colorado: (303) 957-2884, Option #2 – Support

Kansas City, Kansas: (913) 204-0482, Option #2 – Support

Fort Collins, Colorado: (970) 212-1411, Option #2 – Support

                                        San Diego, California: (619) 436-5000, Option #2 – Support


                        Portal (Please sign up for access using your email domain!)


Each case will be assigned a Trouble Ticket number for tracking. It is respectfully requested that Client NOT carbon copy (CC) or text individual employees of Service Provider with trouble reporting, as this circumvents the extensive support processes that have been put in place, and may cause delay to the handling of your support issue. In order to be covered under Service Provider’s SLA and service guarantee, the proper ticketing and support procedures must have been followed by the Client. Note that our internal saying is: “If there is not a ticket, it never happened,” so please help us, help you, because we want to provide truly spectacular service and support to all of our valued clients. We truly believe that our relationship is that of a partnership, and accordingly ask for mutual respect in all dealings and communications.


  1. VERY IMPORTANT! Please be advised that Service Provider will require Client to furnish the following information, upon initial contact, when reporting ALL call and/or system problems (due to the inefficiency and labor costs involved, failure to provide this information upon initial contact shall result in a $100 additional charge to Client, per occurrence, by Service Provider):


  1. Company Name
  2. Contact Name
  3. Contact Email Address
  4. Contact Phone Number
  5. Serial Number of Zultys System (both for the “board” and the “appliance”)
  6. Software Version of Zultys System and/or Client Applications
  7. Detailed Description of the Problem

                                                                          i.      Can the Issue be Reproduced?

  1. Specific Call Example(s)

                                                                          i.      Date/Time

                                                                        ii.      Calling Number / Extension / User

                                                                      iii.      Called Number / Extension / User

  1. Internal Ticket Number
  2. Any Notes, numbers, routes, etc. related to the problem
  3. Call Logs (If Applicable)


  1. Service Level Agreement (SLA): Without making a guarantee, Service Provider shall endeavor to use commercially reasonable efforts to achieve the following Response and Resolution Target Times for any Service Provider controlled systems and/or Services:


  1. “Response Time” is the time from when Service Provider receives proper notification of a problem from Client, to the time Service Provider provides a status advice to Client with an indication of the nature of the fault and estimated time to restore service.



Target Times

Applicable Services

Response Time

(Business Hours)

2 Hours

All Services

Response Time

(Outside Business Hours)

12 Business Hours

All Services


  1. “Restoration Time” is the time taken from when Service Provider receives proper notification of a problem from Client, to the time that the essential Managed Services are restored.



Target Times

Applicable Services

Restoration Time

(Business Hours)

4 Hours

Critical Services

Restoration Time

(Outside Business Hours)

12 Hours

Critical Services


  1. In the event Service Provider does not restore the Managed Services within the Restoration Time periods above, Client shall receive a credit, upon written request, for the prorated amount of the monthly fee, for the affected portion of the system, for the period of time the Managed Services had not been restored.


  1. Emergency services performed outside of the normal contracted support hours may be subject to additional and/or overtime charges. All overtime is billed at 1 ½ times the normal hourly labor rates.


  1. Planned Service Outages: Unless in case of emergency, Service Provider shall endeavor to provide at least a three (3) Business Day notification to Client of any scheduled or planned service outages (i.e. to conduct necessary system maintenance or upgrades). Where practicable, Planned Service Outages will occur well outside of Client’s normal business hours.


  1. Approximately twice per year, Zultys will release software patches and/or upgrades that are available to Client as part of this Agreement. Client is hereby notified that whenever the main “MX” software version is upgraded, Client will also be required to upgrade all client software, such as MXIE, MX-Administrator, MX-Report, etc. Upon Client being notified by Service Provider of the availability of a Zultys software upgrade, Client shall cooperate to schedule its installation within 30 calendar days. Due to support purposes, it is important that Clients are always running the most current software version once it has reached general availability from Zultys.


  1. Authorized I.T. Contacts (those who may contact Service Provider for Support) are listed below and may be changed in the future by written notice. Communication by any other individuals, including but not limited to, Client End Users, IT contractors, consultants, agents, carriers, vendors or any other 3rd parties, on behalf of the Client, shall be billable on an hourly basis to Client by Service Provider.


                Primary IT/Zultys Administrator:              ____________________


                Backup IT/Zultys Administrator:                               ____________________


  1. Client is expected to provide their own basic LAN/WAN troubleshooting, and isolation, before contacting Service Provider for support. In the event of “No Trouble Found,” or if Service Provider determines that the issue was due to a 3rd party outside of Service Provider’s control, Client shall be billed for the time that Service Provider spent working on the issue.


  1. Service Provider shall diligently provide the Managed Services in a professional and prompt manner in accordance with industry standards.


  1. 11.   Client agrees to provide timely responses to Service Provider requests for additional information, call examples, status updates or details to be able to troubleshoot issues, and understands that tickets not responded to by Client within 48 business hours may be automatically closed. Service Provider heavily utilizes these metrics for internal performance and employee reviews. Good communication is important to the Client receiving good support from the Service Provider, and is vitally important to insure success of the partnership. Your responsiveness and compliance in this regard is sincerely appreciated by our dedicated support team.


  1. Project Management & Coordination: Service Provider is very proud of the level of expertise, detail and project management we are able to offer our Clients. In order to allow adequate time for preparation and the allocation of resources to focus on your needs, Service Provider respectfully requests that, whenever practicable, Client provide at least 7 calendar days notice for the scheduling of any meetings, conference calls, webinars, ITC network changes (including managed firewall), training or similar events. Please note that any ITC network changes (such as firewall, routing, OSPF, etc.) also require an advance ITC engineering review, as well as  group conference call, so please plan accordingly.  


  1. Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA’s): Service Provider shall diligently assist Client with the processing of any necessary RMA’s, and advance replacements, whenever available. Prior to issuing an RMA, Client agrees to first conduct testing of the item, as directed by Service Provider, to make sure that it is defective. Client shall also promptly return RMA items to the designated manufacturer or distributor, once the replacement has been received, and shall further provide a tracking number of the shipment.



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