Information Needed when Opening Up an ITC Support Ticket

a. Company Name
b. Contact Name
c. Contact Email Address
d. Contact Phone Number
e. Internal Ticket Number
f. Detailed Description of the Problem (Also Note Whether "Inbound" or "Outbound")
g. Any Notes, numbers, routes, etc. related to the problem
i. Can the Issue be Reproduced? – VERY IMPORTANT
h. Specific Call Example(s)
i. Date/Time (Note Time Zone)
ii. Calling Number / Extension / User (Note if Ext-to-Ext or Direct Dial)
iii. Called Number / Extension / User (Note if Ext-to-Ext or Direct Dial)
iv. Call Logs (If Applicable)
j. Phone Type (i.e. Polycom Desk Phone, MXIE Soft Client, Headset, Other) & Network Connection (i.e. Wired or Wireless/Laptop)
k. If an Outbound Call, are you using a SIP Trunk or TDM-PRI?
l. Recording of Call (Full Time or On Demand)
m. Packet Capture of Problem Calls (via Wireshark) – VERY IMPORTANT
n. Location (i.e. Which Office/Location, Remote User, etc.)
o. Network Connection Type (i.e. Public Internet, MPLS, etc.) – Provide IP Address
p. VPN Being Used?
q. What have you already done to isolate the issue and what where the results?
r. Is the issue reproducible?
s. Any other relevant information helpful to troubleshooting


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